Introduction Company

We offer goods divided into the following segments:

• Automatic irrigation systems – Hunter, Toro, K-rain, Rain-Bird, accessories, pipes, fittings, shafts, pins.
• Pumps – diving, self-priming and circulating pumps, home waterworks, intelligent control and accessories
• Paving technology – pond construction materials, PVC and EPDM ponds, geotextiles, pond pumps, filters, UV lamps, I-Tronic, biological and mechanical filters and their accessories, pond watering and decorating articles.
• Horticultural and agro-food products – woodworms, fertilizers, nutrients, geotextiles, shading nets, mulch covers, nets, grass seeds, bedbugs, grass grids, flowerbeds, roasters, plant shoots, pest traps, alarms, irrigation, garden and garden sprayers, , swimming pool chemicals and many other products.

We are in contact with a number of wholesale companies, horticultural products, hosts and contractors who use our great satisfaction and sell our products.


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