Our company is present on the Hungarian market since October 2014, from the Slovakian market in 1994 and from 2011 onwards in the Czech market. Our range is extremely wide and colorful, and we also represent many well-known European and American manufacturers in the market.

T-Takács, Ltd. Budapest.

Our product range is always tailored to the greatest possible extent, so our partners can choose from a selection of well-known branded items and high-quality, affordable Asian products. They can choose the price level garden and pond architectural elements that meet their expectations.

We have been aiming for quality service and a wide range of professional product assortments, so we pay special attention to the selection of our suppliers and the manufacturing companies we represent.
Our customers receive proven products that are proven in practice.

Selling products does not end with our customer relationship. On the contrary, customer-centric behavior that is proven in the after-sales period also determines the reputation of our company. It is important to have customers with the same expertise and supportive behavior as during the sales process in the event of issues, problems and failures arising after purchasing. This distinguishes the dealer from other sales channels.

Our business scope includes the wholesale sales of the whole garden and plywood product range:

Our range:
• Automatic irrigation systems – Hunter, Toro, K-rain, Rain-Bird, accessories, pipes, fittings, shafts, pins.
• pumps – diving, self-priming and circulating pumps, home waterworks, intelligent control and accessories
• Paving technology – pond construction materials, PVC and EPDM ponds, geotextiles, pond pumps, filters, UV lamps, I-Tronic, biological and mechanical filters and their accessories, pond watering and decorating articles.
• Horticultural and agro-food products – woodworms, fertilizers, nutrients, geotextiles, shading nets, mulch covers, nets, grass seeds, bedbugs, grass grids, flowerbeds, roasters, plant shoots, pest traps, alarms, irrigation, garden and garden sprayers, , swimming pool chemicals and many other products.
We are in contact with a number of wholesale companies, horticultural products, hosts and contractors who use our great satisfaction and sell our products.

We pay special attention to transferring our knowledge of our products to our training center.

Please visit us to get acquainted with our complete product range.


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